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This section is created to provide some basic information to questions frequently asked about our services.

Q:What type of fees do you charge?

Cases are handled on an hourly, contingency, flat fee and hybrid fee models. Many cases are handled on an hourly rate basis. Under this fee arrangement the client is charged at the attorney’s hourly rate for all services performed. In a flat fee case the firm is paid a fixed amount for providing an agreed scope of services. Other cases may be handled on a contingent fee basis meaning that the attorney will received a percentage of the amount actually recovered. The percentage charged depends on the facts of the particular case and the attorney/client agreement. In hybrid cases, we may agree to handle the case for a percentage of the amount actually recovered and a reduced hourly rate. Out of pocket expenses such as filing fees, deposition transcripts, expert witnesses etc may be advanced by the Firm but are ultimately the responsibility of the client. These costs are typically in addition to the fees paid for our professional services.

Q:In what geographic area do you handle cases?

We handle cases throughout the State of Florida. We are also licensed to handle cases in Georgia, Texas, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Q:Do you handle arbitrations?

Yes we handle arbitrations. An arbitration is a proceeding to resolve a dispute without going to court. The procedures for the arbitration and the scope of what disputes must be arbitrated are usually set out in an agreement between the parties. In an arbitration there is generally little discovery permitted and the decision is made either by a single or panel of three arbitrators depending on what the agreement requires. An award by the arbitrators can be enforced as a judgment by Florida courts and can only be set aside in limited circumstances.

Q:Do you handle appeals?

We have significant experience handling appeals and have argued appeals in a number of state and federal courts. If we represent you in a trial court matter and a final judgment is entered in your favor or against you, whether we handle any appeal we be determined by our fee agreement with you which will set out our scope of services.